Field Lining - Intramural

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Field Lining - Intramural

Dear Families:

Some of you have been selected to line or seed the fields for Saturday games to keep our fields playable and help keep the grass growing.

************ Don't line like this :-) --------->

If you are not able to line the fields on your appointed day, you are expected to find another parent on your team who can cover for you.  Remember - if you don’t line the fields when scheduled (or have someone do it) no one will.

The fields are mowed Friday AM so Field Lining should be completed anytime Friday afternoon (“Lining Day”), or, in the event of rain, Saturday AM (“Game Day”). 

Thank you in advance for your help in making the Red Hook Soccer Club a great place.  We are an all-volunteer league made stronger by your help!


The shed at Rockefeller Lane fields contains the lining machines, paint, etc.   The combination is 1152.
Use existing lines as your guide, and paint directly over top of them. In the event that lines are not visible or are not straight, stretch a string from corner to corner and follow the string.
Please do not paint lines “freehand”. String supplies etc. are in the file cabinet in the shed.  If you have never done this, ask someone on your team (or coach) to show you how.
Once you have completed your field lining, collect all empty paint cans and place them upside down in the boxes in the shed, and you’re done!
Field Lining should take approximately 1/2 hour depending on the size of the field that you are assigned. Any questions, email
Don’t lock the shed, as you may prevent others from gaining access.  Coaches that practice on Friday’s will lock the shed. 

Intramural Fall 2017 Lining Schedule.ods