RHSC Financial Aid

UpdatedWednesday April 18, 2018 byRHSC - Ben Hoen.

RHSC Financial Aid Information

The RHSC offers financial aid for kids that need it, so that more kids can play the great game of soccer.  Each year we ask parents as they register their kids if they would like to donate to offer financial aid to kids/families that need it.  These donations allow us to be able to offer assistance to others.

To apply for aid a child will need a sponsor who is not an immediate family member to write a letter to the RHSC board (at board@redhooksoccer.com) attesting to why this child should receive aid.  The letters usually describe the child's interest in the game and why the family does not have the means to cover the full costs.  The sponsor could be a friend, coach, or non-immediate relative (such as an uncle or grandmother). 

Each application received by the board will be considered anew and dependent on funds available for that year.  Applications ideally should be received during the registration period of May through June, but depending on availability of funds can be received at other times of the year too.  Once an application is received the sponsor will be notified if aid has been granted and for how much.

An offer for aid in one season is by no means an offer of aid in subsequent seasons.  Each season will require a new application. 

In 2015/2016 season the maximum discount offered is $250 off of travel and $75 off of intramural.  Therefore, the family would be expected to pay at least $100 for travel and $50 for intramural.

If you have any questions about the RHSC Financial Aid offer please email the registrar at registrar@redhooksoccer.com.